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Can any one tell me how to calculate my overal ratings

i got a thousand of 5 stars feedback
and some negative feedback
can i know how to calculate the total feedback

There are different calculations depending on where you look. A 60 day mean average is given in some areas of the site, an all time mean average on some parts and individual gig averages.

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Fiverr already does this for you. Your calculated feedback rating is listed on your Analytics page.

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yes but it 4.9 long time ago and really need to know when i will return to 5 again

Well, if over a lifetime you get a single lower review than 5 your mean average will bring it down. I don’t know if the mean average is rounded up or down on Fiverr. If it’s rounded up then you could probably work it out. The 60 day average will go back up after 60 days from that review though, if all the other reviews are 5 star.

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and how can i know when the 60 day average ends

If you have reviews that are lower than 5.0, it is likely that you will never have a perfect 5.0 again. You can’t have a perfect 5.0 rating, if you have reviews that are lower than 5.0.

Please keep in mind, you don’t need a perfect 5.0 seller rating in order to be successful here.


60 days from when the lower review was left. But as @jonbaas says, the lifetime average could technically never go back to 5 if the average is rounded down.

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but i was hearing about some calculations we can make to know if it is 4.91 or 4.99
do you know it?

Again, depends on how the rounding works. Is it rounded to two, three decimal places. And is it rounded up or down. I don’t know for sure.

If you added up all your reviews and divided by the number of reviews you would get your mean average.

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On your profile it shows as 5.0 stars anyway.

If you want to calculate your average for a particular gig,try multiplying each figure for each rating by the the rating amount, adding each of the 5 up and then dividing by the total ratings. I think that should get the average.

I think the gig should show as 5.0 stars when it gets to 4.95 stars average or maybe anything above that (so that it rounds to 5.0).

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yes in my profile page 5.0 but when ii show in the search i find it 4.9

That’s probably the average for a particular gig then.

To calculate the average for that I think it’s:
(nr of 5 star reviews * 5)+(nr of 4 star reviews * 4)+… same for any 3,2 and 1 star reviews if there an any
divide that total by the total number of reviews for the gig.

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thanks a lot, will try that , and thanks for all
really love your cooperation

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For gigs and I think seller’s average, it’s shown and rounded to 1 dp.

It’s not always rounded down because there’s a gig with 99 reviews that shows as 5 stars average even though it has 1 4-star review. So for that gig the average is 4.98989… but it shows it as 5 stars avg.

So I think it rounds it to the nearest whole number (including probably rounding 4.95 up to 5).

edit: It might not round 4.95 to 5 as there’s one gig where it shows 4.8 stars for what is actually 4.853333 average. Maybe a gig average needs to get to >=4.96 before it shows as just 5 avg.