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Can any one tell me how to promote gigs


Hello guys,

Hope you all are good!!

Can any one tell me how to promote gigs


@sohaibnoor share your gig on socail’s the best way to promote.


@dipto_khan104 thanks


No one’s going to tell your how to do it. But everyone’s gonna tell you to do it. Apart from promoting on Facebook or Twitter unless you have a massive following for what you do it’s counter productive. My advice is (as I did) to get a web site with a landing page and promote your gigs on that. You don’t want to waiste hours promoting to a gig directly. (Not going to go into why this is a very bad idea) I do VO and have found customers on SoundCloud and YouTube. If you do try to promote your gigs directly to where your customers might hang out, you most likely will be scoffed at and/or banned.
Everyone is quick to tell you to promote but very few do.


@steve_maxell Thanks for the advice. appreciated


share your gig on social media like twitter,linkedin,facebook etc.


See what I mean :hugs: ughhh


@saimansakib thanks bro