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Can Any one tell me why the gig portfolio is not showing

Hello sellers ,

is it happening with me or with other seller’s also .

my gig portfolio is not visible .

i have contacted cs also but they provide no help .

it’s a serious issue .

please help .


Same here.That’s why i am here lol.Actually for that i am not getting any order otherwise i was getting many orders in a day.NOW Totally FREE :))

@syedsimanta03 that’s so true :slight_smile:

Though i have 22 sales in queue :slight_smile:

@venom_hunt Take a look at this screenshot… You have to make sure Live Portfolio is checked on all your gigs.

Also this could be the case: Delivered images/videos/pdfs will not be displayed in the live portfolio until the buyer leaves feedback. When the buyer is writing their feedback they can select to not allow their product to be displayed.

Hope that helps!

@servicesnow What happened ?Look at the attached-

@venom_hunt will come to your level soon ^:)^