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Can any seller recommend other seller on fiverr?

If i’m over booked or i’m not able to do service, Can I recommend another seller on fiverr who is expert and providing same services even I know him. Is it any tos violation of fiverr or there is any bad impact? I have not much clear idea so please let me know about this.

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Sure. If you’re overbooked, you can definitely refer another seller to your buyer. I don’t see a problem in that. :thinking:


Thanks, Actually I didn’t think This make bad impression but I was in confiscation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes but if the buyer gets something he doesn’t like he may hold you responsible, since you recommended them.


Great point. Maybe instead of recommending, he could say something like “I have had a good experience with…” Or whatever his relationship is. That way it isn’t an endorsement.


I had that happen once. I recommended someone I know is great at psychic readings and he came back later and was upset about what he was told. I felt bad and decided not to recommend people any more, although it had nothing to do with the seller.