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Can any tell me about BETA sellers?



I see new option in fiverr BETA seller.Kindly guide what is this how can be BETA sellers.


Can you please share some screenshot of that option you see? Because I haven’t heard of any “beta seller” so far…


I think you just misjudged something.

According to me you may see Beta icon on a seller account because he is using available now and you are thinking that he is a Beta seller. (Just my personal Guess)

Any one agree with me?


I find that people who don’t use templates in Buyer Requests are Beta sellers than those who do.





It’s the Available Now feature - the Beta is the current state of development.


Vist the link bellow and You will get all the answers.

Watch video read article and than you can easily understand what is it.
Hope this will help you and clear all confusions in your mind


I dont know, I dont have this Available Now BETA seller on my account… Level 1 with 22 All positive reviews, What could be wrong?


it’s weird, I could not see the Beta Sellers, all I can see is Beta Buyers :face_with_monocle:


There is no such thing as a BETA seller. The Available Now function is a BETA function. It has never been released fully and doesn’t work for most people at this time.


There is no such thing as a Beta Buyer, either.


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