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Can anybody "decode" this?

So we’ve all experienced it before.

You get a message in the inbox, with things like:


Those annoying one-word messages.
A few weeks ago for the first time in my 10 year Fiverr career, I got a whole message
in French. I cannot speak or understand French at all, BTW.
And today, this happened. I get this mystery message:

:white_circle: :red_circle:

That is it. A white circle, and a red circle, nothing else.
So…ahem, can anyone decode this for me?? :sweat_smile:
I did reply asking what the heck is he/she trying to say, ( politely of course)
but so far, no reply.


It’s just a visual “Hi” and they couldn’t find the :jp: icon?

The French message, I got that too, I guess due to the local French Fiverr launching.

Just now I got a “Hi dear” and my canned reply was followed by 2 lines in a language I can’t even guess which one, plus a YT link that I didn’t click to not waste yet more time, would’ve preferred a black, red and golden circle …


Ahhh, the Japanese flag…I guess that does make sense??? Maybe??
The guy never got back to me, so maybe he did that just to confuse/annoy me,
who knows. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Marine flags meaning

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