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Can anybody help how to rank the GIG on first page?


I don’t know how to rank my GIG. If anybody tell me properly so that i can manage to create new ones with my BEST ability.



If we knew the answer to that question, we’d all be ranking sky high.


But Higher rank people can help us to do our best ?


You do realize that on this current system the “First page” is custom for every user. It used to work like what you think, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t anymore. Just RNG.


I have created 7 GIGs but all are not showing in the search and their impressions are also not well ? Is there any tip to increase impression and clicks ?


I’d reduce it to 1-2 gigs to start. From what I’ve experienced, the more gigs you have the more the system “Spreads you out” in the search results. It’s a ratio thing. You’re getting 7x LESS exposure because you are all over the place and most of them are falling way down in the rankings.

Do a search in your category and pretend you are a buyer.
What will a buyer search for first? Usually: 1) Insanely fast turnaround 2) best price So make sure that your gig fits into those most desirable traits over on the left.

You’re not getting any right now, so go for a 1 hr. turnaround time (Or however fast you can physically work) and deliver on it. Blow away everyone’s expectations. Fiverr ranking system DOES take turnaround time into account.


Thanks liquidlettuce for your help. I will make changes now.


This question posted from another user and i have already answered to it … you can refer the below link


Thankyou so much. Great