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Can anybody help me show what's the wrong with my gigs?


Hello all,

I have been joined Fiverr since last four months but have completed only 2 orders! Among those 2 sales, one was ordered just after 17 days since my joining and the another order was created 15 days ago! I think I should get more sales! Haha. I have made my gigs picture all right, the tags are ok too and most probably the descriptions of the gigs are all right. I am still sharing my gig links to the different social sites. The impressions, clicks and views are increasing but no sales or order! Really, I am getting frustrated although I know I should have the patience if I want to stay a long here on Fiverr.

I couldn’t have got any reason behind not getting any sales for a long time. Is there anyone who can help me by going to my gigs, their tags or descriptions? Please let me know what’s wrong with those of my gigs.

Thanks in advance