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Can anybody here who can say if I fail in fiverr skill test then it will affect my gigs ranking?

In april i am looking for to be top rated but I think this dream will dream forever. I took some tests but I didn’t pass any of them and for this reason my gigs have already gone to the last page. This is completely unfair as there is no word to say in their rules or even when I was going to take the exam

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Can Anybody say what can I do now

Actually fiver maintain gig ranking by their algorithm, You should keep marketing your gig and send buyer request also fiver will prompt your gig anytime and when you will get prompt then you will got daily huge job.


If you fail a test you can take it again another day, as long as it’s not taken more than 2 times in any 3 month period.

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In my experience, My gig was not showing at all on the first page. When I took the skills tests yesterday, I skyrocketed to the top. Maybe skills tests are part of the Fiverr search algorithm.