Can anybody suggest me how can I get orders from buyers request


Can anybody suggest me how can I get orders from buyers request, I’m new to fiverr and I almost sent 50 request yet I didn’t receive any order. Please can anyone help what should I do or what should I write in Buyer request to get orders?

Thanks in advance


Have a look at your gig images - I Will Design Unique Logo For You With Source File In 12 Hours

Every potential buyer can check them, just like I did.

All 3 sample images are not unique and come from various places on the internet.

Produce some of your own, unique images to replace these - then your potential buyers will have confidence in you.


@samrat_preet send a offer with how can you help him with your unique skills
let him know you can also provide future revisions. and how can he get discount in the second order.

Don’t send offer if already 15-20 offers sent by others sellers
Always keep an eye on when new requests loaded and be the first one to send a offer.


Thanks, for you reply I’ll make appropriate changes


I always write custom reply to each request. Copy paste sometimes doesn’t work. It’s better to read what the client needs and mention all in your response. This gives a great impression that the sellers has read the requirements and is serious to fulfill the requirements.

Apart from this, writing something like unlimited revisions, high resolution files, logo transparency, free mock up, money back guarantee etc. can help in attracting clients in the buyers request.

I hope these few tips will help you all in securing more orders.




I think it is one of the worst choices, a difficult client can ask for countless revisions, a maximum of 5 revisions I think is enough.I have a gig in another category and believe me, I’ve done countless free reviews for many clients, I do not want to meet a customer of this kind because you will change your description the next day.


I’m actually very new, but i would suggest you to give your clients the very good value for a price!


I have completed over 40 orders so far and none of my customer has so far asked me for more than 5 reviews. I believe mentioning unlimited revisions can give more confidence to the buyers. Thanks


I have +20k completed orders. From experience, I tell you it is a very bad choice.


I think that’s one of the reason you have completed over 20k orders. :slight_smile:


its also my problem… I also sent at list 70 + buyer request but no response.dont know whats going wrong!:weary:


find some new idea.thank you so much:slightly_smiling_face:


Be special and use your own work as examples!


We are not mindreaders.
Give us a sample of your most recent offer then we can see what’s wrong.

If you haven’t received even a single response to 70 offers then most likely you’re sending out useless templates or your gig is not appealing. Copy your last offer and let’s see :wink:


hi, take my cordial love.I am a professional graphic designer from Bangladesh.I am really expert to make esports logo and I have the proper experience.plz try me once, hope you will be back again for more service.i will give you the high-resolution version of the source file.that’s my portfolio link https://■■■■■■/Kkn58Q. Thanks.

I am new on Fiverr.i sent this type of request.I think it’s not useful.can you give me some example of useful buyer request?


Get rid of this one. Simple Hello or Hi will do.
It’s maybe a cultural thing, but for an average US client it sounds weird.

Irrelevant. They can see it from your profile. You have limited number of chars, use them wisely.

What experience? They won’t just take your word for it. Also, don’t call yourself an expert (Have you won any awards? Have you worked on any bigger projects? What qualifies you as an expert?).
Let your portfolio and reviews do the talking.

Don’t use “plz”. You have time to write “Please”. Don’t set expecations about future orders, they haven’t ordered anything.

Which source files? AI, EPS…

Additionally to the tips above you should

  • pay attention to grammar (so many mistakes usually lead to communication problems and buyers won’t even talk to you)
  • explain how are you planning to address buyer’s request. Based on your template answer I can’t figure out what the buyer actually asked for. There isn’t a single word about it, which usually shows to the buyer that you didn’t read their request

I hope my feedback wasn’t too harsh :slight_smile:
If you sent this out 70 times then no wonder you didn’t get any responses.

If you created all those logos yourself then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t find buyers. The only roadblock is you because you don’t know how to sell your skill :wink:

If you didn’t use any templates and it’s in vector format then selling a logo like this at your price range isn’t that difficult. If communicating in English is a problem for you then try to sell your service on local markets or hire a sales person.


Really best reply so far. :smile::+1:


Hi, I’m also a designer. I make animated intros just like you. And I have not been getting orders like I think I should. Can you tell me what I have been doing wrong, maybe check my profile and give me some tips as a pro that you are.
Thanks in advance friend :+1:


@brown_jon Focus on video presentation with multiple options.


Try to do buyer request first like your bid must be first
and write unique content and to the point and try to answer all question which buyer asking in the work