Can anybody tell me how a gig will get in recommended section?


i am here at fiverr from last three months. and i just received some orders at my only gig which is in recommended section…


get yourself to level 2, get lots of sales, lots of 5star reviews, make sure your gig is unique. The usual stuff. Its an algorithm that bases its choices on all these things.


i wish i can tell it…lol


Reply to @sabiansoldier: thanks


Actually, it’s my understanding that those that are featured are done so by fiverr staff editors. I don’t think it’s automated, but I could be wrong.


You’re in a very competitive field. It may take a while…


Put their Logo EVERYWHERE, promote the f**k outta them (lol) - Deliver high quality work, and don’t just deliver… OVER DELIVER. Make sure you’re keeping a steady flow of 5 STAR reviews coming in, and get 15 to 25 orders a day minimum.


I have no idea but my gig got in the recommended tab (which is a blessing for a new seller like me). All i’ve done is do the best job I could do and be as polite as possible… so idk


thanks to all…