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Can anyone analyze my gig, for free

Hi.I have been on fiverr for 26 days.Although i have made few sales,all these sales came after lots of persuasion.I haven’t had more than one buyer,who came on his own.So can anyone look at my gigs and let me know what is the problem with.I have a feeling that uploading my video has had a negative impact on the buyers,lol.I would be grateful if someone could have a look at my gigs and point out the mistakes.

This is the link to my profile.Thanks in advance.

The first things that caught my eye are that your collection of gigs are visually interesting – meaning, you’ve chosen strong gig cover images. You also write in strong, fluent English, which is another thing far too many sellers overlook here on Fiver. Those two things, at first glance, already place you well into the “potential success” category.

It baffles me to see the sheer majority of Fiverr users here on the site that fail to realize the power of a strong, professional presentation. Kudos to you for not being one of those sellers. :slight_smile:

The one thing that comes to mind in terms of analysis or advice is to just be patient. Fiverr does not guarantee any of us sales. You’ve only been here on Fiverr for less than a month. For some sellers – even the really successful ones – it took a number of months before their gigs caught on and they started seeing the kind of work and success they wanted.

While you’re waiting for that to come around for you, keep playing around with your gigs until they are as professional, eye-catching, and finely-tuned as you can make them. And be sure to market and promote them off of Fiverr as well. Since Fiverr does not guarantee us any sales, it never hurts to build traffic to your gigs on your own as well.

You’re off to a great start here on Fiverr. Just keep experimenting, promoting, and adjusting your gigs. Sales will likely come, it might just take more time than you expect. And, don’t forget, we all have strong competition here on Fiverr. Finding unique ways to make your gigs better than your competition will also help improve your chances at earning buyer orders.

Good luck. Don’t let the slow times get you down. :slight_smile:

I’m confused with your gig title, "I will write seo content for your website 500 words for $5 "

Shouldn’t it be “I will write 500 words of SEO content for your website.” And do you really need “for your website”? Is that not obvious?

"I have a feeling that uploading my video has had a negative impact on the buyers,lol."

Well, you are a little too serious and there’s some weird noises in the background, like science fiction music or some strange echo. On the other hand, it’s cheaper to make your own video than to hire someone on Fiverr to make you a whiteboard or movie promo type of gig video.

Lately I’ve been learning how to do whiteboard videos with Powtoon. I’m not completely comfortable with it, which is why I’m not offering that as a gig, yet. But I would look into that.

I watched your video too and I have to agree with @fastcopywriter to a point. I think you could do almost exactly the same video with better success if you said the same things but were a little more upbeat (cheerful) and if you could give a smile in there somewhere. People just like that. Another thing that might improve it is soft background music which would mask the other background sounds.

On the other hand, I like that you did it yourself, you are showing the real you, and you did the voiceover as well. It increases my trust quite a bit just like it is. I hear for myself that you care and have some skills. Your accent is pleasant to me, although I admit bias because I love any accent that is different from mine. So many people put flashy videos with no real substance. (My only gig with a video is just a goofy video done way too fast with no real substance.)

As others have expressed, there indeed is a strange, sci-fi-like background noise in your video, that would be a welcome addition to a Star Wars scene, but, to tell you the truth, I find it more amusing than obstructive, and not at all in a way as to think that it could be a negative impact on your exposure. Not on its own, anyway.

Your words in the video though are hard to understand, as result of audio clipping. The background noise is indicative of a noise reduction plug-in that you may have used to clean up the audio, but this very act has produced sub-optimums both in the background, and it chewed up some relevant information in your speaking, but there is nothing that you could not fix with a little extra effort - assuming of course you agree that there is something to be fixed, at all.

You still have the video content intact, with which I find nothing wrong, and, if I were you, I would re-add an audio track that is impeccable to the ears. I personally have zero problem with the way you present your offer, sure, it is restrained, but also realistic, and I can take your offer seriously, as you do not seek to overwhelm me with the standard “Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity which now is available for only a select few, because I don’t want this knowledge to be out there!”, blablabla.

If, in someone your video caused a negative impact, then she/he is not the person you want to do business with, as she/he is looking for solutions of a different characterology, anyway.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thank you for taking out some time to help a newbie.Its encouraging to hear that my gigs are not fundamentally flawed.And as you advised,ill try to be patient and look around for ways to improve my gigs.Thanks again.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank your for pointing out mistakes in my gig.This title seemed unnatural to me as well.As i was not getting much sales,i kept on changing the title based on the title of gig i saw first in the search rankings.In the end,it came down to this unnatural title.As you advised,ill correct the title.Thanks for pointing out mistake.I made a video with powtoon,but sadly,it was rejected by fiverr team,don’t know why.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thank for taking some time out of your schedule.I will try to improve my thing.I must say one thing, i just watched the video on your gig and although it was goofy,it was engaging and i watched the whole video.I wish i would be able to come up with an idea like this.Thanks again

Reply to @hellyes: Thanks for taking out some time to help.After getting the same advise from three experienced people, i will to make it more pleasant.Each of my forum post has really brought me some new insights and ways to operate in fiverr community.Thanks again.