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Can anyone answear me?


hello i want to know how is the classification algorithme on the fiverr search! i mean what makes gigs have higher place there in search?

another question --> does visiting a gig’s post (which increase the traffic to the gig) give it a better rank there on that search?

i dont know but the BIG QUESTION IS if i have a new gig listed it will be shown like 5 minutes on the search and then new gigs will come, how can i make it stay longer? does the backlinks helps me in this case? please provide me with a good answear :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: yeah i noticed that too some gigs are appearing and others are not but i think tht only lucky sellers will have their NEW gigs posted unless they are selling tonnes of gigs and have good rating :slight_smile: thanks for your reply :-*


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Reply to @vedmak: thanx for the answear vedmak :slight_smile: