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Can anyone answer this question?

I apologize in advance but I’ve been trying to hunt down the correct answer but not having any luck. In one of my gigs I noticed my video which is about 16 seconds long was duplicated two more times. So when you’re on the gig page you can view the video, then swipe to the right and see the gig image then swipe to the right again and it’s the same video but with a different thumbnail image then swipe one more time and it’s the same exact video as the previous (third video) my question is how the heck did I do that? How do I take the duplicated videos down do I have to delete everything?

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What you’re seeing are examples of work in your portfolio - videos which you’ve done for clients which are now viewable by buyers.

If you don’t want them to be seen you can switch your live portfolio off on your gig page.


Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

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