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Can anyone can told me what is the lack in my gig?

Hello,I am SABBIR . I am a web developer on WORDPRESS platform . If you please check my gigs and told me what is the main problem to get order from it ? TIA


How we are supposed to check your gigs if you didn’t even attach a link to your gig?

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how to attach a link in my gig ? if you please help me to find it out , I will be very grateful to you


Put a link up there? Like copy it from the address bar and paste it here.


You should know how to paste a link or hyperlink, as you are a wordpress developer and should know the basics.


here it is

here it is !!!

Share your gig in different forums (Don’t spam). Try different keywords and send buyer requests regularly.

I’m new to, but maybe you can describe your gig more