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Can anyone check my Gigs

I want that anyone check my gig and tell me what is the fault in that

I was start getting orders from 9 months ago but now no orders coming while i’m posting 10 requests a day
can anyone tell me what to do :expressionless::tired_face:

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Do marketing on social media

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But i need more strategies to get order as other doing

I’m also doing social marketing

You providing service in a very competitive category. You need to stand out from the crowd. Your gig graphics need to improve. In some gig, portfolio sample is not readable, you may like to replace something with some more visible info. in one gig you simply add an image from the internet, you can add something better. Have a research on your competitor, check how they added gig images.

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You help me a lot
if you’ve any more things to improve my gig then tell me

thanks in advance

You may need to improve on service things too, but I don’t have much knowledge on SEO industry so can’t suggest anything useful. Have a look on top selling & good performing gigs, make the note on a different doc and do a research work and update your gig with your own information. Good Luck.

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Thanks again:kissing_heart:

very useful informations

needs more informations from other

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