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Can anyone confirm if a chargeback impacts completion rate?


There have been many threads on the forum about recent changes and upcoming changes, one of which involves seller completion rates. One post that was up temporarily mentioned that a seller had noted a reduction in completion rate after a buyer initiated a chargeback. Many of us are aware that chargebacks happen occasionally and always, unfortunately. I have been lucky to avoid any for a long time.

If there are other sellers who have noted a drop in completion rate after a chargeback is confirmed, I would be interested to know about it. I don’t intend this post as a start to a discussion about all of the upcoming changes, just about the chargeback issue. Open to hearing anyone’s experiences. Thanks, all.


Yes, it does. If a buyer gets banned and your order gets cancelled, even if it is one in your queue which you haven’t worked on yet, even that affects completion rate. All of my cancellations are because of such reasons - chargeback, buyer gets banned, buyer makes a $5 order and then realizes he wants to make a $25 order so cancels and orders again, and so on. One or two more of this, and I go below 90%. Good luck to those who are happy with this new system!


Let’s say you have 100 orders in the 60 day time window they will be looking at.

Let’s say in this 60 day period, you have 10 cancellations.

Assuming you started at a 100% completion rate, that will put you at 90%, so one more will put you below 90% and you will drop to the lower level.

Most of us have less than a 100% completion rate when we start. So we are really going to be on the knife’s edge to stay on the same level.


Thanks for the confirmations @writer99025 and @misscrystal . That sounds like a sticky point for sure.


If my level drop from level 2 to level 1 then will I lost my gigs? Still, i have 19 gigs but level 1 support only 10gigs. I’m waiting for your repy


I’m not sure but maybe. Let us know if that happens to you please.


Sure, I’m now hard working to increase the delivery time and Completion rate


I find it impossible to improve my completion rate due to things buyers do constantly that are beyond my control.

I’m flummoxed by this new system and what it represents going into the new year.

I just wonder who at fiverr thought it would work to demote people’s levels by making the completion rate something that could cause them to lose levels when we don’t have control of that for the most part.

I suppose that someone can look at someone who has a completion rate of for example 86% and automatically assume they are cancelling too many orders and should lose a level but in real life this is much more complicated than just a number.

An unfortunate seller can get hit with chargebacks, cancellations due to buyer mistakes, due to any number of things buyers do which have nothing to do with anything the seller did and lose a level.

I tried completing an order I knew I should have cancelled at the beginning and it turned into a major disaster as I knew it would. And I STILL had to cancel it.


Since some confirmations were received on the original question and the topic was moving into areas discussed in other threads, this one has been closed to new comments.