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Can anyone criticize my gig?

I just started my first gig. Looking for some suggestions. Feel free to criticize my work, descriptions and other things. Would appreciate it if experienced freelancer would suggest how to get my first order too! Thanks.


Pretty cool, I like minimalistic approach. Would raise the prices.

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It’s good but the title says you’ll do it in 24 hours but the default delivery days for the basic package is 3 days - so I’m not sure “in 24 hours” should be in the title.

I don’t know, do you actually draw something ? Because it really looks like the cartoon effect from after effect where you turn 3 buttons to get the same result.

As easy as it sounds, you won’t actually get the super minimalistic look just through the filters. I basically trace the whole subject with a digital pen and color them as needed. The portraits usually have certain shadows and outlines you won’t get with your average cartoon filter.

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We actually get shadows and outline, I sometimes use this effect to make youtube thumbnails

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I have corrected it now :slight_smile:

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