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Can anyone design a website for $5?

Hello fellow sellers!

Hope you are doing great!

Sometimes I found job posts like sellers wants a whole website design for $5. In that case I did not apply for the job request.

And sometimes buyers send message on this gig and they want to make whole website design for $5.

I want to know How you people handle this situation? Do you accept their order?

Please share with us if you have same type experiences.



Just tell people that what they are asking is impossible and that you are sorry, but neither you nor anyone can help them.

Be polite but understand that when people ask you to do work like this at this price, they have demonstrated from the very beginning that they have 0 respect for you. Much more importantly, buyers like this are usually hellish to work with even if they do offer to pay something near a fair price.

See these buyers and run. If you don’t, you will just end up having them ruin your Fiverr career for you, all for the sake of you being able to feast on cabbage for a couple of days.


Absolutely not! It’s worth more than $5 of your time to even research for that design for 5 minutes.

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@cyaxrex said it all. But let me add one more thing.
Those people who do not value your work, effort & time. You should not work with them at all. Neither you should risk your freelancing career for $5.

Because those who are willing to pay $5 for a website to be designed, they usually come having no idea what they want or what content or even how the website should be designed. And then you get blamed for not doing a good job which leads to a 1 star review. And all this because you accepted $5 for work which cost much much more.

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I will follow your suggestions. Thanks

Exactly! You are right. :smiley:

I will follow your suggestions. Right observations. Thanks

Couldn’t agree more!

Yup I can design it but it would be a very basic design if you want just let me know