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Can anyone else see that these two accounts are the same seller?

I was just wondering if anyone else can recognize that these two separate profiles are the same seller. I have actually reported this seller to Fiverr before because at one time he had 3 different accounts, but they took one out only to still grant him these two. I reported these as well but nothing was done and CS closed the ticket…

You have to check out the gigs and descriptions as he posts random photos of random people to try and deter the Fiverr editors. Not sure if the URL’s will show up but here goes…

If you can tell, please report as Fiverr’s terms I believe that we cannot have multiple accounts. Thank you for your time in helping to keep Fiverr CLEAN!!

*This seller has also been known to copy/paste gigs including most of mine until I reported him for that too.


Sheriff’s Note: Understand your concern. However, calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

It’s the same guy, representing two different profiles. I am just trying to figure out if this is okay because I would love to get two accounts and put one under my real business name and offer the same gigs on both. It’s too obvious but I suppose there are ways around it. As far as the ‘Sheriff’s Note’, I’m supporting Fiverr and if this is going on with other profiles, then I will strive to expand as a business and an individual, just wondering if this is okay!? It obviously is since the editors took a look and did nothing. Thank you for the input!

A quick glance on the Interwebs reveals one is the Fiverr page of an Internet Radio Station started by a guy, and the other is the Fiverr page of the guy and possibly a partner. Kind of a grey area.

I’m not defending it. However, I have a Fiverr account, my wife has a Fiverr account and my son has a Fiverr account. Even though we use them for 3 separate and distinctly different services, someone could look at that and say, “wait a minute”.

If he had 3 and Fiver took one down, they may have figured that the two profiles are just different enough to be allowed.

Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would want to have similar/same accounts/services and compete with themselves. Fiverr allows up to 20 gigs (or is 30 for TRS?). Seems more than enough to sustain on Fiverr.

It is going on on other profiles, and I know they get reported, and I know many that were taken down.

Fiverr could be doing so much more valuable work on the front-end of the platform, yet they choose to install a 5 Star Rating System on the back-end. WTF?

@voiceoverwork =D>

I asked Fiverr CS about the same IP address having more than one account and they told me it was ok as long as they both were not offering the same service. At the time, my room mate was thinking about joining fiverr and I wanted to be sure there would be no problem with my fiverr account if the same IP address had two accounts.

Reply to @dtongsports: The easiest solution is just to let Fiverr decide. Send the 2 account names to CS to forward to the editors. I’ve reported questionable gigs as well as member names I thought were one person using multiple accounts in an abusive manner and sometimes they go away, and sometimes they don’t. As @steveeyes says, there are legitimate reasons for 2 accounts to have the same IP address, but sometimes it’s someone trying to cheat the system, and therefore the rest of us.