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Can anyone explain about Fiverr refferal program

If I gave my ref link to my friend, and teach all the techniques … if he / she selling their services and make money, will I earn up to $100 based on their earnings?

This is not for the sellers.
If you refer fiverr to someone and he will make an order above $20 then you will get the reward

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so they have to act as a buyer right and make order more than $20+ so we will get 20% from it right?

Sorry he will have to make a purchase of up to $100 then you will get 20 percent of it

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If your friend signs up to Fiverr using your referral link AND THEN buys something, they will get 20% off of their order and you will get 20% of their order (up to $100) in the form of Fiverr credits, which you can use to buy services on Fiverr!

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