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Can anyone explain me that plzzzz ..?

plzzzz can anyone explain why this happened to me? Can anyone explain me that plzzzz …?

The buyer could of opened a Paypal dispute, which gets them banned and returns the funds to them. I would contact customer service if you want to know for sure what happened.


write to customer support and ask what is the reason?

Reply to @accessgirl: thanks for your comment , and can you plzz tell me how can i avoid this .?? that happened to me 3 time

Reply to @tatoo_pvt: yes i will do thanks , but i think that a huker behaind this :confused:

Reply to @bis_bilal: Is it 3 times on the same gig? If so which gig? If it’s the likes gig, is it against the websites TOS to buy likes? Maybe the users you provide likes to are getting banned or reprimanded.

Reply to @accessgirl: yes it’s on the same gig , but 2 time from One personne and one time from on other personne , yes it’s the likes gig!!! (10.000 ) … you banned or reprimanded on there account , no it’s stell working and there are not banned in there account … finaly thanks for your time :slight_smile: