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Can anyone explain to me why fiverr has not promoted me to level one?

Hi, I joined fiverr just a month ago and I have 14 reviewed and completed sales with 99% positive rating. I know I’m supposed to be promoted to level once am active on fiverr for 30 days with at least 10 sales with excellent rating. 2 days have passed after my 30 days active on fiverr and I’m still a new seller. I contacted customer support about this and I haven’t received any reply from them since yesterday. Does anyone know what might be happening? Any contribution is much appreciated. Thank you.

Maybe you just need to wait a few days more, and maybe it’s because your 3 gigs are too similar to each other.

Reply to @catwriter: But what do you think is the reason why customer support not responding?

Reply to @whiteboardexp: Sometimes it takes them a few days to respond. They get a huge number of requests, and with the recent problems on Fiverr, the number of requests they’ve got is probably even bigger than usual. It might take them a while to get to your request.

Reply to @whiteboardexp: I agree similar gigs and also not a real pics as a profile pic… that’s what some users thinks.