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Can anyone explain what happnen her :/ this man send me a account paypal , and a password!

And he tell me that i can use his account pa.ypal for anything i want :confused:

Sheriff’s note: sorry, I had to remove your image because it was showing username and this is not allowed.

anyone her plzzzz…?

Reply to @kjblynx: i think it’s a huker and this is not his pa.ypal account , it’s stolen :confused: and thank for you comment !!

Hi bis_bilal,

I would be very wary of anything like this in the future - the link is most likely a scam. If you have clicked it, I would suggest that you immediately change your password and run an antivirus scan of your hard drive, as it may have been infected by a virus from this individual. That user should also be reported to Customer Support, if you haven’t already.

You are right to be cautious about this!



You get some odd customers 0.o

Reply to @david388: Thanks man for the explication :slight_smile:

Reply to @accessgirl: You are right , i don’t khnow way that’s happening to me :confused:

He is a Haker!!