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Can anyone explain what is wrong with my gig?


My gig requires “modification,” because “images are crucial.” Here’s the thing though, these images were approved before. All I did was change my title and description because I decided that instead of one item, two items seemed more fair for 5 dollars because they are quite small. Then my gig was denied! It was the exact same gig, just different title and description. So I made it over again and now they are saying my images are no good. But they’re the same freaking images I used before that were approved! Can someone explain to me what is wrong? Pictures below. First picture was the wrong one. I do know the size protocol, I just don’t know how to remove it now. ><


When you edit your gig, you have the image gallery. Simply click on to remove it.

And there’s usually an error message when there is something wrong.


A lot of Fiverr’s gig creation process is automated so many pictures and gigs that would normally not be approved are. It seems like this might be what’s happening in your case.

Honestly, your pictures are fairly blurry, which may be the specific reason your gig was denied. If you upload ones in better resolution, I’m sure they’ll approve it. =]