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Can anyone explain why Fiverr takes away from of my tips as well!

Can someone please explain or direct me towards some explanation, on why Fiverr takes a percentage from my tips earned?

I understand that they take their cut from a finished projects earnings, but that should be it! Fiverr has no right to take a portion of tip money that a buyer felt I earned, not Fiverr, me, for my work. This is the first time I have dealt with a 3rd party freelance site taking a portion of tips versus just taking their portion of the amount owed from the project.

Personally I think this is not right and should be fixed immediately. I can’t seem to not be able to contact Fiverr about this issue either.

That’s it. Best of luck out there to you all.

Hi there!

If it weren’t done like this, some sellers would try to get around it by charging a small amount for the gig and asking for the rest to be paid as a tip, thereby reducing the commission Fiverr would get.


because people then can miss use tips facility by taking charge of the project by tips.

Fiverr charges commission on tips to make sure there is no abuse of the system. Abuse could prevent Fiverr from utilizing funds to make the site better. See: