Can anyone give me a helping hand?


Hi everyone, my name is Lisa Hume and i am a freelance children’s illustrator. It’s my first couple of days using fiverr i was previously an upwork user. Unfortunately i wasn’t having much luck with it so i thought I’d give fiverr ago after alot of recommendations from people in the freelance industry.

I seem to be getting alot of messages from people asking if they can draw me pictures. I am not sure if i’ve posted my gig correctly. Can anyone have a quick peek at it if they have the time and let me know if its correct please? You should be able to find it if you look for my name in the search bar.

Kind regards
Lisa Hume. :slight_smile:


It doesnt look that bad. Good to see you on fiverr. Best of luck.:slight_smile:


Hi @lisahume,

Your gig is not bad… And welcome to fiverr!

Some advice, Do you have checked the fiverr academy?
And promote your gig(s) on social media!




Thanks Dave pleased it’s up correctly if you’ve got any tips on how it could be improved please let me know im always open for feedback.


@lisahume Welcome aboard!

A few things:

-some typos on your profile description, you might want to proofread that one more time.
-I know it’s pushing it for you as an artist, but until you get 2-3 orders and achieve a sort of momentum, try to lower your delivery time.
-You need a stronger gig description. Right now it reads like a cover letter. What you need to do is think of your gig as a product, so think of how would you market it. You definitely need a strong CTA.

extra mile
Record a time-lapse video of yourself painting a cool illustration. Set that up as your gig’s gallery video. Impress your prospects from the get go.


Frank, thats amazing advice. Thank you so much this is exactly what i was after in terms of constructive criticism. I am going to get on it right away and fix those issues.

Kind regards,
Lisa. :slight_smile:


@lisahume glad I could help! :blush: