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Can anyone give me any improvements

hi! the link to my gig is here - click here and i want to know how to get my first order.

Hi there! I have two things to say about your profile/gig.

Firstly, you should remove the part in your package description where it says “includes 2 revisions for mistakes”. It’s okay to say the amount of revisions that a buyer gets, but when you say that it’s for any mistakes that are made, it might be hard for the buyer to trust that your work is accurate without mistakes.

Secondly, I don’t want to be intrusive or rude, but your profile picture is a little startling!

Thanks! Good luck!


In your transcription gig you could give an example of what your transcriptions will look like, in the gallery (eg. as a .pdf) or at least make the gig description longer, giving examples of the types of things you’ll transcribe, like some of the other transcription gigs do. Check there’s a space after all commas.

Gig: I will proofread your essay or article
Fiverr might think the word “essay” in the title is academic work (and doing someone’s academic work for them isn’t allowed).

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okay, thankyou. Also, sorry about my profile picture haha i didn’t want to show my face because i am still young and thought it might be weird :slight_smile:

thanks! Also, could it still be classed as doing it for them if i am just checking it over :slight_smile: