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Can anyone give suggestions to improve my gigs

Hi everyone,

I started Fiverr in January and I’ve had a few sales. I’m looking to take my online business to the next level. Can you take a look at my gigs and offer any suggestions? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Please see my gigs below:

Together we can achieve more. Thank you.

The gigs look good.

Have you activated the “live portfolio” for your gigs? If not, doing so might increase sales as it could allow potential customers to see examples of things you’ve done (where the buyer allows it).

You could give example image(s) in your “images to vector” gig.

For your “virtual assistant” gig, it doesn’t really say how much work you will do. eg. is the price for a certain number of hours work or maybe a certain quantity of work, if so how much? eg. you could say that it’s for 1 hour of work, or x amount of entered data/text.

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Thanks much for your suggestions I’ll give it a try.

how to activate live porfolio

Bro,Seems that you are trying several category.
Actually,as much as I know thats not perfect.
Select only one category and make gigs several subcategory based on same category.

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Thanks for the suggestion… I also believe you should price appropriately