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Can anyone help me about my issue

Hi. i hope you are cool. i am facing issue with my account again and again from the joining of . i have some reviews on my gigs with positive rating.from upto a month am facing a problem with my all gigs. am promoting my gigs at social media at daily basis but my gigs are going back to back and loosing impressions ,clicks and views. and from about up to one month it stay at last page with position of last to last gigs in search . now a days i see that some time my gigs are not appear in search online and offline both .i have my own picture ,and descriptions etc. and i have not any copywrite data in my tried better but am tried better but not gain any 1% improvement in my gigs …can anyone tell me about my this issue.NOTE: i have no warnings and notice for any issue but am facing issue. am connected daily with help and support but they ask me that your account is active and have no issue but am facing issue with my account. please help me . thanks in advance…

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It is bug that everyone is facing. You are not losing impressions etc they are just not displaying correctly (you cant see how much impressions views etc you have).
Don’t worry your gigs are shouwing up in search etc just as they should!


am not facing like these days but am facing from up to month and if it issue is accrue then why my gigs not promoting from me. am trying everywhere and different method.and why my gigs stay at last page. i gain about 8 orders in a week from social media. but i gain not improvement in my gigs promotion. why…?

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Oh that I dont know sorry.
Didn’t understand you correctly I thought you meant this global fiverr bug.
My guess is that it is fiverr algorithm doing that… Happens to even more succesful sellers.
Try changing description or kewyowrds to differentiate from others

bro thanks for response me but i changed my account description and tags several time but it give me no improvement in my account position . i connect to help and support by they ask me again and again that you should be promote your gigs but am already promoting my gigs at social media daily basis.

Looking at your gig I would suggest (keep in mind I don’t know almost anything about skip tracing) making better gig photo. That is after keywords one of the most important elements that draw attention, impressions, views, clicks and with that comes better ranking. :smiley:

i think it’s Fiverr algorithm issue.