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Can anyone help me by giving a solution?


hello friends,
How are you? any body can help me to giving a suggestion about my problem?i need a salutation asap.I got an order 14 days before.the order was related to 30 images illustration.after sending the order,buyer accept 15 from 30 images.then she request a modification for 15.then i gave her those 15 images modification,then she response before last minute of 3days complete.then again i did the modification.again she response very late and told me to create new 15 images.but i told her to send me the problem of my last sending output.but she told me ,she will send me,but still she is not i am not able to deliver the modification.already 2 days gone,i think she is trying to cheat with me.Please tell me what can i do?i don’t want to cancel the order,bacause i have done so hardwork and spent minimum 25days on this project.its about $250 there any solution?


Already posted here:


yes,but nobody read my problem.nobody help me


The people on the Fiverr Forum are sellers and buyers who may choose to offer suggetions. However, we are not customer support and may not have a soulution to your issue. :wink:


good.i will never come back in this forum


anyway thanks vickiespencer


I just looked at your gigs and I see you offer unlimited revisions. Your buyers can ask for revisions for years if they want to because of you saying you give unlimited revisions.

All you can do is keep on doing revisions or cancel. :confused:

Buyers will take advantage of sellers who offer unlimited revisions. I only offer one and will sometimes honor 2. After that the customer pays me for any added revisions.


i sent her a custom offer for 5 revisions.


Then you have to do 5. However, once you have made a delivery the #LATE# sign does not affect your stats.


yes,i am ready .but she response very late.


for this reason,my ratings has already down.


I still don’t understand what’s your problem and what you are complaining about?

She doesn’t have to respond to you imidiatelly, give her time. After the first delivery it doesn’t matter how much time does it takes for revisions even it shows “late” sign it wouldn’t have any affect on your stats.

And how’s cancellation will help you? Cancellation will hurt your stats the same as late orders if not more.

What ratings are you talking about? Before the order is complete you can’t see any change in your ratings.

I would suggest to read terms of service and this forum a bit more to understand how fiverr works, right now it doesn’t seem that you have an idea.