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Can anyone help me find a font?

I can’t afford to purchase a font that a buyer would like to use in a job… can anyone out there help a fellow designer out and send me “Melany Lane” (the full regular weight open type font with alternatives)?!? I would be SO SOOOOO grateful!

I’d bill the buyer for it rather than pass around the begging bowl (and I would imagine that this request violates the font copyright or something). Alternatively, use another flowery font that looks similar if they don’t want to pony up.

That’s a very reasonable and helpful suggestion. Thank you. I have no idea why I didn’t think of that, and I feel a little silly now! :slight_smile:

If they really insist on it, I did find an er, illegal version out there using Google. I don’t recommend this option at all, but hey. It’s there!

I spent all morning searching online (which is why i came here to crowdsource it), and the patterns are available, and a found a free Bold weight, but it didn’t include any alternatives. Honestly, let’s see if they even really notice when i substitute a font!

You’ve been super helpful! I’m not new at this, but man, sometimes you just can’t beat picking other designers’ brains!!

Most fonts come with a single party license. Passing it around would violate those terms. If the buyer wants that font, they should foot the bill.