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Can anyone help me improve my WordPress gig?

I made a WordPress development gig, added a video, 2 images, a description, and an FAQ section. Can anyone help me improve my gig? Here’s the link:



Here is some advice which I gave to other friends here - Don’t get an order. How can I get an order?
They found it as helpful for their position and they have succeeded to improve their profile and GIGs.

If you need more help after that, write to me :slight_smile:


Research Gig Title,Before finishing your gig SEO your title correctly, Research other gigs tag line,
And after researching find the best keyword for your gig,Make a minimize description of your GIG,Give an ideal price table,SEO your gig pictures and make sure that those are looking attractive.
I think this points can make your GIG better.
Thank you😇

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Thank you for share my post :slight_smile:

And yes, a lot sellers found it as helpful, so i hope ti will help @cedrickim too

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