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Can anyone help me? Please please

I am new here. I create my gigs. But till now no orders. Though I am new here but I have lot of experience in my gigs related feild. Can anyone review my gigs and guide me? :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Please search on forum, there are a lot of post related this issue

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you just need to have patience. If you are good at your work then eventually you’ll get a buyer. It took me 2 months for my first order. Just wait and aend buyer requests daily. Best of luck

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you so much for your guide.

Hi there, here are my 2 cents.

1.Send loads of buyer request matching your skills every day.
2. Create unique promotional graphics for your gigs using
3.Try to create videos for your gig as well.
4.Make sure your gig description, title do not contain grammatical errors.

I think these will help you.

Why would you send buyer request??? They’re for buyers, not sellers. It is annoying. Sifting through 10 seller uploading their resume and then 1 legit buyer request. Buyer’s don’t even see buyer’s requests. They see their own requests that they posted.

I meant to sent bids to the requests buyers have created as they are called “Buyer Requests.”

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That makes sense. We have enough spammers already. Wouldn’t want to add to that.

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Exactly,I hate that too.

Always online and send buyer request…I hope you will get received the first order…Thanks

can u tell me how can I send buyer request? I am new here, so I don’t know…

You will find it from Selling -> Buyer Requests. Then you see the job post.

Post a link of your gig here to help you

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Yes, Post a link of your gig so we can view and point out any mistake if you have one.

Thank u to all for supporting me. Here my gigs link:

Waiting for your suggestions…

Seems fine to me, maybe just write 100% rather than in words.
But there are many sellers doing this, and furthermore, you can convert file online now for free. Why people would come to you if you just do what free online websites do?
Try to provide something not available anywhere else, or a better way of doing it.


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Thank you for your suggestions…