Can anyone help me? The seller deceived me!


I asked a seller to make a change to a file. Jar! He said it would cost 12gigs! He said I would have to pay half first and half later! I made the payment 6 gigs and I had to classify it as positive for him to receive the 6 gigs and 24h later, he said he had finished the job and to send the file modified, I would have to do the rest of the payment of more 6gigs! I made the payment and classify him as positive and I did not received the file and it does not answer me anymore! What do I do? I am a new member and I think that I was deceived! I already sent an email to support and got no answer! How do I do to to get the money that I paid back?


Give it a few hours, it is very early down at Fiverr HQ. I’m sure they’re busy painting their walls. You’ve brought your attention to the community, and I can only speak for myself, but it sounds like your seller is trying to do exactly that- scam a new user.

As far as getting the money back altogether, you could request a mutual cancellation, that exists I found out. Keep us updated.

bachas85 said: Delivering empty and asking for positive (feedback) before delivering is not allowed here.

Agree -- except I did participate in this once as a buyer to make up for my own error. A seller was offering several gigs. One was 24-hours and the rest were 1-week deliveries. I made the mistake of ordering from the 24-hour gig, and when I realized that I let the seller send me a fake file and get positive feedback to avoid hurting them for my mistake. (Did get great results in a week.)

So I reluctantly submit that this can be done occasionally when there is communication and trust between buyer and seller, but not otherwise good practice. It also makes it harder for Customer Service to sort things out later if both parties have messed up.


I have been having some problems with a deceptive Fiverr gig and a non delivered Fiverr gig that the seller just seems to brush of all the time, and this is from LAST JUNE!!. Its been at least two weeks since contacting support as well as the seller claims to have contacted support as well - I cant believe how slow Fiverr support is on this. Its incredible! wtf is going on!? Been mostly positive experience here but some of this is unacceptable. Currently I AM being Ripped off until/if there is assistance from support. Geez! I think I have been adequately patient, where is the support on Fiverr for these situations?

photostar1 said: Here i'm on fiverr to promote your gig, bussiness,links,your fan page,fb groups among 10,000,000++ people all around the world.

To anyone considering buying "promotion" services, is this how you want your message to be percieved? When the person you are paying to distribute your message ignores the rules of organized forums and posts your message wherever they can get a password, your message does get exposure, but it might also trigger anger when it is percieved as SPAM or off-topic. Choose your promotion partners wisely or suffer the lashback from the way they smear your name around.


JAR files are not easy to decompile, I bet he failed to decompile it. You Might want to contact a Core Java Expert.


Reply to @atechkid:


But if JAR files aren’t easy to decompile! Why do the seller accept the job?


I send message to the support and don’t receive nothing of answer! :(( Will i lost my money?


go to your order hover over the feedback and it will give you an option to change it to negative trust me you will get a reply back


Don’t! I mean don’t! Never pay before you getting what you need.

I never ask my clients to order any gigs intill the work is done, and even before they order, I show them samples of the work, incase they need to change anything about it. If they like it, they order to take it.

In cases where my client and I have agreed on a certain number of gigs, say 10 gigs, I will send him the work as an encrypted compressed file, and so he can get the password, he have to pay for all the other gigs, each other gig will give him a part of the password.

That way, I will not be fooled, and my buyer will not be scammed. And everyone is happy for ever after.

Pass by my gig sometime alright? :smiley:


Try contacting fiverr, they can help you I guess, they must have something about this.

But just never do this again, and take what I said in consideration.