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Can anyone help me to get first order please i am waiting until 2 months

anyone can any changes to improve gig its too boring


Make it more attractive.


Hey , I just joined fiverr so I don’t know a lot. I was just curious if anyone could help me ask questions on forums. I don’t know how to do it.

Don’t loose hope and stick with fiverr.

Hello, shaduli_07!

The main thing I notice when I check your gig is that I can’t understand what it is about :grimacing: After reading it I don’t know what you offer and how it’s better than what other people sell.

It’s a primary requisite for your gig to be readable and understandable by the public — if people don’t know what you’re selling, then they won’t buy it!

I suggest you re-write your gig description (and the packages descriptions as well) with proper English grammar so anyone who reads it will know what you’re offering.

There’s a ton of tools on the internet that automatically check your grammar and can point you in the right direction. Give those a try! Personally I’m very fond of Grammarly but there’s a limitless amount of software and websites that are equally good.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if I can be of further assistance :slight_smile:

Kind regards,



I have a few suggestions for you.

  • Publish all the 7 gigs with more attractive images and video.
  • Wait a few days and stay active all the time try to active on Fiverr atleast 10 hours a day.
  • Never loose hope
  • Continuously Make Improvements of your skills. Don’t wait for orders to improve your skills. Just do it when you are free.

All the best :grinning: :heart:


thanks for your valuable advice and suggestions

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Thanks for your valuable response for me :heart_eyes:

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thank you soo much !


thanks sir .i never forget your precious helping mind


Welcome. Keep doing good work.