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Can anyone help me, To get my first order?

Hey there !!
It’s been a month i am working on Fiverr. and have already created 3 GIGS in which one is on 1st page ranking and 2nd is displayed on 2nd page ranking, i also have impression clicks of around 200+ but 11 clicks. I did send 10 buyer requests daily but some bad luck follows here, instead of getting orders i didn’t even get a single message from the client. On my fiverr account i have send approximately of 130+ buyer request.

I have been facing this problem and came here with a hope of solution to it, is there anyone who can help me out of this situation i will drop link of my profile down here if there is any sort of mistake there or somewhere else. So one can help me out figure and correct it out.


Check this out:


200+ impressions are nothing my bro. i started 3 months ago, received my first order a day after i created my profile. try to find the people who are selling services just like you. and see what are their prices, and how are they presenting themselves. try to copy them. and i see you only have 3 gigs but you can create 7. avail that opportunity and expand your portfolio. ask yourself what else you can do.
in my first month i only received 3 orders, 2nd month 1 received 10, and these days i am receiving multiple orders and sometimes i have to decline. its basically the game of review. the better reviews you have, the more people are gonna trust you.
i hope its helpful in some way?

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may ALLAH bless you. its very helpful


Copying other gigs is not allowed.


lol by copy i mean try to do what they are doing. i am not telling him to smash ctrl C+ctrl V :slight_smile:


sir I know very well that copy paste are strictly not allowed

Here is the my honest review:

“I will customize and edit wordpress theme” Your gig thumbnail is distorted?

“Fix html, css, etc” thumbnail layout is sooo messy.

“I will build wordpress website gig”, video thumbnail doesn’t show full thumbnail - Cut out?

For someone for offer “design” as their services, you made a big mistake.
What you have right now is not good.

There are HUGE difference between your first thumbnail and 2nd + 3rd.
You clearly need to change your first thumbnail.
So many grammar error, no/additional space. Need to check.

GIG description is too plain.
Failed to explain and convince buyer, WHY WE Should choose you over Other Leveled Seller
With same price, better rating?

Last, New Seller Everyday Problem:
Why you didn’t provide buyer with FAQS?
FAQ page establishes trust.

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Fiverr has come a long way since I first got on there with regards to your profile. You can fill out your tagline, description, services, as well as credentials, education, projects, and affiliate platforms. Please take your time to do all of these things.


thanks for your time I will update it asap

thanks for the advice


Very important statement. Thanks.