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Can anyone help me understand the Fiverr Algorithm?


I am new to the Fiverr Community and was having a hard time understanding the Algorithm of FIverr, which selects which gig to show on which page, can anyone help me out ?


I don’t think anyone will have the answer to your question.


So that means I am not the only one who is unable to understand the algorithm ?


I think influencing factors are:

Open orders (?)
Tags, obviously

No one knows, you just gotta do a good job and you’ll get up there.


That’s right. We would all love to know how the algorithm works!


And as for the job, how to get one here on fiverr ?


Wait, hope and pray (if you’re into that).


Work hard, wait, hope and pray. That sounds like an algorithm to me :smiley:


The first thing you said, work hard, is correct. The other three not so much.

Do not wait, hope, and pray. This is not going to help.

If you do not get a sale promptly on a new gig, change it. Make the thumbnail stand out more. Make the description longer and more thorough and complete.

Improve your gig, and what you are offering until you get sales.

Waiting hoping and praying are not the right formula for success. You could be doing that a very long time, with no sales.

Ever hear the fiverr slogan: In doers we trust.

That means do something. And don’t stop until you succeed.


Can your provide some more details about gig improvement? To be specific, what are the keywords ? I mean to ask what importance they have here on fiverr?


A keyword is what someone who is looking for what you sell will put into the search box.

If you sell logos they will type in the word logo. If you sell article writing, they will type in the word article.

So make sure you put that word in the title somewhere.


Alright, Thanks for updating me. :smiley:


Suggest you check out for how to get started on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: