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Can anyone help me with just getting my first reviews? I started fiverr about a week ago

I have very high hopes for myself in fiverr, but i am struggling to get my first reviews, i had to call in a friend to buy my gig. He was pleased with it, but i haven’t recieved any publicity from it. Would anyone explain to me how you got your first gigs on fiverr? :slight_smile:


Well, we don’t if you are going to continue breaking rules.

That can be considered as review manipulation.

To be honest I never concerned on reviews. I was just doing my job and it was more important for me to deliver what client is going to like.
If you have interesting portfolio then the amount of reviews you have wouldn’t affect your ability to get orders.

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So if i do a good job to my friend and he give me a good review it is now review manipulation.??

I am new and i completed my first order just yesterday. I got the order as i shared my gig on social media platforms. And a person grom telegram was interested to buy my gig.


Congratulations on your first order! But you see my problem is just finding the right audience to promote my gig to, many people just dont care when they see a fiverr gig ad

Why your friend need to purchase it through fiverr?
If I have family or friends asking me for work I definitely wouldn’t send the to fiverr. Because why would you do that? Only for a review. It doesn’t make sense for any other reason

Yeah because obviously i want to have my first gig for someone i don’t know. Is it not fine to just try get the hang of fiverr? So before im working for people i don’t know i just want to get the hang of it. Now i know who to work fiverr properly and work with my clients.