Can anyone help me with my gigs?


its like how can i make a gig more buyer friendly, more easy and good looking.
Any kind of tips will be help me.

Thanks in Advance


@maruf180 Your gigs are perfect. You just need to optimize your titles a bit. I would also recommend creating attractive gig images using canva or whatever tool you are comfortable with and always add a video. Just take a powerpoint video template, add your text and upload it to fiverr. I hope it helps.


thanks man i appreciate your reply! that is really helpful. Working with the Canva image editing thingy and making banner for my gigs! :smile:


You are most welcome.


Refer the “Fiverr academy”. You can find that at the bottom of the page. It contains lot of useful information to spice up you gig. And how to market your gig.