Can anyone help me with setting up my gig?


Hi guys i’am new on fiverr, can you guys see my gig and tell me what you think should i improve to make sales.

Am a book cover designer and this is my gig link :



Well @bookachris,
Share your gig everyday in social media The most effective social media that help you get orders is twitter. You can then apply for different jobs available in your field. If you see an ad you like, click “Send Offer” and sell yourself to the buyer. Don’t give up hope. Better days will come soon. Try heart and soul. Wish you all the best.


Thanks man for the kind words !


You can promote your Fiverr Gig on any social media website you like or out there. You just have to be creative and spread your word by doing a different kind of advertising like:

  1. Make a video and promote it on YouTube
  2. Make a short and innovative video for your gig and upload it on Instagram.
  3. Make a detailed “Info-graphic” about your gig niche and post in on Pinterest.
  4. Make a slideshow about your gig and upload it on LinkedIn slides.
  5. Make a Facebook page and promote your service.
  6. You can use Hootsuite or any other automation service to promote your gig on Twitter or any other networks automatically.
    I hope this will help you,


You are most welcome, and I think It will help you a lot. :fu: