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Can anyone help me?

I am starting a virtual assistant business and I need some graphic design work for my web page. I need a secretary assistant character to use as mascot of sorts throughout my site.

I have purchased a few already and I think the sellers did their best so I gave them great reviews and moved on. I didn’t request modifications because I just feel like the directions and photos I provided hadn’t prompted the work I needed and probably wouldn’t change in a modification.

I want a secretary/virtual assistant with the following details:

Dark red hair

Bright blue eyes

Square, dark rimmed glasses (librarian, teacher glasses)

White, light blue or light teal long sleeved button up blouse

Dark grey form fitting pencil skirt

Natural skin color for her legs (no tights)

Black high heels

I want her to be doing some type of standing pose, like pointing with a pencil/pen and holding a clip board or something like that.

The first picture shows the hair and face that I like. The second picture is of the outfit style (with or without the blazer jacket) and overall body type that I want. The third picture is the pose and accessories I want.

I just wish I could find someone who could combine the three attributes into one character. Can anyone help me?