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Can anyone help me?

Hello everyone, I am non level seller (hopefully soon-to-be level 1) and I have 1 selling gig which is “make professional FLYER or poster design”. 8 reviews (90% of them were from Buyer requests) and 98% positive feedback. However, when I enter a category Flyers and Posters and even check ‘online’ and ‘non-level sellers’ only, and go to ‘recommended’ tab, my gig is at the very bottom.

Can anyone help me with this? I am very responsive and communicative with my buyers and all of them were very happy and satisfied.

Thank you!

Hi there!

I’m not really sure I can help, but I do know that you’re a new seller and that it takes time to get your Gigs on the top of any list. There are a lot of new sellers who’d like to get there just like you, so just try to be patient and continue to work hard. It does sound cliche, but the most important thing is to improve your skills and your Gigs, work hard and be original. Try to come up with a unique Gig or work in an original and unique style and I’m sure your Gig will eventually become more noticeable.

Best wishes!