Can anyone help new fiverr babies?


i am just asking as a new one,as i have no experience of freelancing before, that how i learn and enhance my skills that help me to be better part of fiverr, except what i am seeing only warnings coming out as i ask something in a notorious way, i hope people who are admins of fiverr should think from new comers mind too
All the time its not about spam…!


New Fiverr babies? If you mean how to help yourself as a newcomer to Fiverr, read everything you can in the help centre, for both buyers and sellers:

and then read everything you can on the forum before you ask anything else which may have been asked before.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


ohh come on you again, can you think like a layman? everyone is not having high intelligence right it does not mean they going off the forum norms or doing spam, but any way thanks a lot for comment
ever you try to observe the history of all great successful freelancers ?


I have no idea what any of that meant - sorry.


some warning madam come to my inbox with goood words, instead they help me they issuing me warnings
as i am a doc i also working late at night for my animation passion **_and i have no experience of freelancing before, _**instead guide me as a layman or refer some link.
ughhh they popping with warnings


That’s got nothing to do with me.

I already did:


sorry to you, her attitude make me red, honestly i trying my best to adapt this culture.


If you can’t figure it out for yourself, you never will. Sorry. Freelancing is about initiative. As soon as you say “Fiverr needs to help us babies,” you’ve pretty much drove your own initiative into a brick wall.

Harsh. But just the way it is.


first figuring out is vary person to person, second there are always other ways too. sometime we have to think out of box

That approach is not harsh at all, its that reality too, anyway thanks for your comment.


I think most of us are having hard time understanding you. Which is surprising considering you’re offering proofreading service.

Look, if you want to work on Fiverr your buyers need to understand you. So probably the best thing you can do at this point is to sign up for English courses. You can probably offer your services to local customers off Fiverr to pay for your courses.


All I can do here is face-palm.


That’s great. You gave yourself great advice – think outside the box.

It would seem, then, that our job here is done. You now know what you need to do.

Good luck.


I should apply for American or British style? lols


Did you come here for advice or to dump on people who actually are trying to help you?

From what I gather:

-you are messaging people asking them for help/advice.

Stop that immediately. It will get you banned

-you came here to ask what to do. But you attacked almost anyone who responded

If you don’t want any help then don’t ask for it.

You seem to be frustrated and that is definitely not going to get you far on Fiverr or anywhere else.

Visit the link @offlinehelpers suggested and use google translate if need be to see what’s on there.


You may also find this useful:



It’s entertaining how much effort you guys put into a helpless case.
Just had a coffee break. Off to something useful… :wink: