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Can Anyone Help Regarding Gig Update?

Hello Everyone,
I just need some experienced seller who can give me an honest advice on either I should edit one of my gigs thats not getting any response or should I just delete and create a new one? I’m really confused, sorry if that seems silly. I also have some reviews on that gig, others are performing quite well but this gig is not getting any response.
And, Does the Gig url really matter alot? That can’t be changed once the gig is created or Can I just go with editing my gig and It would be fine.
Help would be really appreciated :pensive:

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Deleting a gig, and creating a new one will not guarantee you any more success than the gig you deleted. There are no guarantees of success here on Fiverr.

The gig url defines the internet address for your gig. If you do any of your own marketing, that is the link you use in your marketing.

Your gig link is permanent, and reflects the first title you chose when a gig was created.


In the distant past I did change the gig title of one of my gigs and it did not hurt that gig in any way. I’m not sure now if it would help, hurt or even eliminate the gig.

As far as I know as long as the title reflects the same thing the gig is about you can change the title but no idea it it’s a good idea or not.
The link does not change, only the gig title.

The decision about eliminating a gig is yours. You can always try editing it first.

Thanks for the quick response :blush:

Thanks for the help, really appreciated.