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Can anyone help with this

ok I had a flyer designed by fragglesrock on here, and then discussed a business card to match the flyer design, which they said they could do for me, paid a custom order as requested and order never arrived as discussed with in the 48 hours, got a message to say there was a electrical problem that needed 12 hours to fix so replied to say ok and would wait for problem to be fixed. I have since been on holiday with no internet access and returned and still no business card design has been done for me. have sent numerous messages last few days and nothing back, now for some reason this has been marked as complete? the order was placed on the 14th of September and the seller is no longer communicating with me. I contacted the staff of fiver yesterday to riase my complaint and not heard anything back… now im out of pocket and also don’t have my business card design I so desperately need. does anyone know what I can do next? now I would advise no one to use fragglesrock the feedback left by several unhappy people on there recently says it all I think, took my money and ran. also had to wait extra time when they done my flyer however this eventually turned up

Moderator Note: It is against the rules to call out users by name on the forums. Customer Support will get back to you but it can take a few days.

You have to ask for a cancellation from customer support, but it takes a few days.

That you went away on vacation and did not check for the business card is not relevant. When they said they needed 12 hours and you said ok, were you on the way to the airport for vacation? Why didn’t you address it after 12 more hours?

Yes I was actually about to board the plane when they said they needed 12 more hours so replied quickly then didn’t have no internet access whilst abroad