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Can Anyone Hire me as Assistant?

Hello Everyone, Hope so You all are Enjoying Good Health
I am Expert in PowerPoint Program and much more and i am looking for someone to hire me as an Assistant.
Can SomeOne Hire Me?


no ones going to hire you if you’re begging for orders!


Take it as Positive My Dear, I wanna help someone to improve my skills and helping is not Begging:)

Helping people is not begging, but in this case I’m afraid you are begging.
Helping is offering a hand when someone is asking for it.
Asking for “anyone” ( which sounds more desperate than “someone” ) hire you is begging.

Also one more thing, it would be better if you don’t call people “dear.”
Miss Brenna is a young lady, yes, but a lot of people think it is unprofessional to call
someone that unless you are very close friends.


Most of the people in this forum are Fiverr Sellers, not buyers. While certain people will also hire people on Fiverr, that isn’t really the purpose of the forum so you are unlikely to get people here that are actually looking to hire anyone.

Also, a lot of the time, people looking for generalised assistants (as opposed to hiring someone for a specific service) will want people who are able to write emails and content for them, organise their schedule, and things like that - these kind of tasks would likely require someone with a better grasp of English. Your English grammar isn’t particularly great yet, so it might be worth spending some time practising your English more if you want English people to hire you as an assistant! Don’t be discouraged though, speaking multiple languages is still a fantastic skill to have, even when your second language isn’t perfect yet. :slight_smile: