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Can anyone inform, how buyer see our offers in their buyer request?

I am sending buyer requests daily but not getting enough orders. I used all the methods to get order like:
1.asking a question
2.Using low, standard, high budget
3.not using a message template
4.sending offers faster
I have sent 208 requests and got only one job from a buyer and now I am continously working with him but not getting any new order.
I want to hear from anyone who is experienced about buyers mentality help me to send perfect request. And I also want to know how faster I have to send request?


I don’t know what 2 means, but…

You’re neglecting the very most important thing: tailoring to your buyer and illustrating why you’re a specific fit.

Stop thinking that completing tasks is what makes people want to work with you. Would you buy something just because the company completed tasks? No. You bought it because it was right for you and you wanted it. (And hundreds of other answers they get also complete those tasks, anyway).

No one thinks, “Oh, this person responded to the order fast and answered a question, therefore I will choose them.”

A Buyer Request offer isn’t about you and what you’re trying to get. The narrative must be about the buyer and what they’re looking for. We’ve explained this hundreds of times in the forum.


Just realized I only shared one thread. Meant to share this one too.


I think it was in one of the tip threads for the seller to ask (not answer) a question in the offer so that the buyer would be more likely to respond. I don’t know whether they would or not.

Also you need to send it fast enough if you’re level 0 as as soon as a specific number (10?) of level 0 sellers send an offer that request might disappear. It the seller is level 1 as long as they reply within a day they should be okay I think. Later replies by default show on top of the buyer’s list I think so that’s an advantage, but too late and the buyer might have already chosen a different seller’s offer.

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