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Can anyone let know about the RISING TALENT?


Can anyone please let know about the RISING TALENT feature? I mean what is that and how can I get RISING TALENT tag on my gig? :thinking:


I am also want to know ? As we are new seller there.


I think you need to contact support for a reliable information about that.

I saw some sellers with the tag but had no order even after 2 weeks of having the tag to their account. Every day, Fiverr pops up new features to promote a sellers who apply to use them.

If you are very observant, you would notice that the only saving feature is good reviews and level ranks. As a level two seller, I make more sales than most pro sellers. Having studied the rising talent feature, I make bold to say that the only advantage is having your gig feature on the front page of your category.


Hey jenny, thanks for sharing your words and I think making yourself & your work better/professional than others is the most important thing because Fiverr is a very competitive place.


It does not seem to give us any benefit. :thinking:


Agree with you :slight_smile: :+1:


I also have a rising talent button on one of my gigs. I don’t know if it helps. I noticed that when recommends my gigs in the form of promotion, I really start doing well. I think it is also a matter of perserverance, contacting repeating clients, trying to sell your clients other products or services when delivering your product and making sure you have good reviews. I notice that when I focus with a lightness on Fiverr (not obsessively) slowly orders start rolling in.