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Can anyone make sense of this?

A very smart Indian journalist wrote this on Twitter as a reply to a politician…

Mr Tewari, your bacchanalian logorrhea is but the aboral ablactation of discernment from the pabulum of syllogism. This sanguisugent politicking must end. You have become the accoucheur who conceives and also delivers hot-air. Ebriection is nigh, sir.

I make my living from English, but this is beyond me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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…uh, can you dumb it down for me???

I’m an English conversation teacher and a translator, and I have NO idea!!!


Hahaha. You need to Google most of it to understand.

We have a politician like that here, Hon Patrick Obahiagbon. My issue with this is, language was made for easier communication.

Speaking to people in this manner defeats the purpose or the reason for the language.

For most people, this is gibberish


Sounds like someone has been outsourcing to Fiverr…


No, the journalist is a very smart guy. The politcian, Tewari, takes pride in his English and uses obscure vocabulary in his Tweets, so the journalist showed him that he could play the game better than him. All in fun.

Indeed. I’ll bet that several people are being rushed to hospital having succum to side splitting laughter as we speak.


Just focus on the one term that looks a bit out of place, it’s the essence and summary of it all. Hot-air.


Buyer: Can you give me 1000-word article for $5? Got 2 offer already… willing to do even cheaper!!
Seller: Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist.
Buyer: (silence)
Buyer: Ok, $50 will do.

Courtesy: Shashi Tharoor :wink:


I dunno, I think I slipped into a coma somewhere around " aboral ablactation"…


Words of this text have different origins (greek mythology/latin/french)

Bacchanalian : from Bacchus
loghorea : greek
syllogism : greek
pabulum ; latin
accoucheur : french

I don’t know if these words are frequently used in english. My opinion is that this guy wants to show that he is well educated and have a very strong knowledge of different languages.
These words are also used in french (it’s common to use latin or greek words), but I never use them ! I don’t have any of my friend who speaks like that !


"You are talking rubbish and it will all fall down soon."
Reminds me of the great Sir Humphrey Appleby from the UK TV series Yes, Minister who was a master of this type of communication.


Loved that series! Saw as a kid. My dad and I always saw it together, was our favorite.

Same, watched it again recently on Netflix - along with Yes Prime Minister.

Sounds like the politician you mentioned may have been inspired by it too.

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Pretty sure it means someone just bought a thesaurus and is showing off.


What kind of plants is that guy smoking?

Or is currently choking on one.